L-Rod - One Handed - Lesson Three
by Joe Smith

Hey lids , how did you do on the water vein?? We're not through with it yet though. 

Tonight I want you to think about energy and how to use energy to find a good vein. What is he talking about??? Be patient we will get to that . 

Go out to the vein with the marks showing both sides of the vein. If they are gone find them again please. As you walk across the vein ask only for the energy in the vein of water. The L rod will start to rotate in a clockwise motion, as you near the center of the vein it will spin faster, as you cross to the other side it will slow down and quit as you leave the vein. 

The difference in energy will tell you which vein to pick as you get into dowsing more. I use this method on oil zones also. Practice this energy mode for a while before you go on to the next thing on the list which will be finding detrimental energy around you house. Finding Det E (detrimental energy, det for short ) is very simple. Any thing you want to find , figure out a way to ask the question and it will work for you. 

Now asking for the Det E around your house. Ask your system to find any Det E that is harmful for you, that is your question as you walk down the outside of your house (carry some markers with you ).Do the same as you do in the water vein search, mark each side. Don't worry about what kind of Det E it is, we are going to get rid of it any way.

 Each one should run between 2-4 ft wide, more or less. Jackie's house seems to have about 12 places that the zones are either entering or leaving and this was just one type of Det E. Now if I was her I would be out there with a flashlight just to see if I'm right or wrong. 

After you find all these and get them marked we will go on to show you how to clear them out of you home. Now do this out side the house not inside. There is a reason for this. I'll try to tell you tomorrow. So look sharp, I run a tractor all day and still find time to do your lessons so let's hear how you are doing. Make time, I do. Old Joe


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